3 Effective Local Search Marketing Strategies That Attract New Buying Customers

Google frequently changes its search algorithms, and the latest modifications have the Internet buzzing about local search marketing information. A great deal of talk has surrounded making local businesses available to local customers worldwide via search engine optimization, Google Maps, and local directories.

If you are a local business owner in the UK, say, a construction firm, you may want to attract customers in your area by making use of local search marketing methods. In the past, putting your website online would do the trick; include a little bit of SEO, and wait for the search engines to promote your business.

Unfortunately, if you are a local business, local customers would have a hard time locating you online, as they would often be presented with search results featuring businesses from all over the world. Your URL would likely be lost in the sea of results, and you would end up promoting your business in the local newspapers, as well as in radio or TV ads.

With local search marketing information at your beck and call, you add potential customers from your area into the mix. For instance, if you own a store that sells digital cameras in Wales, for instance, local customers will only need to search for “digital cameras in Wales”, and they’ll be brought to apt search results with your name on the list.

How do you ensure you’re found straightaway? Make prodigious use of search engine marketing to get your site ready for top search engines like Google to crawl their way through your site and mark the kind of business you offer. By using key terms like “best digital cameras, Wales” on your website, you can help Google direct local customers to where you are.

It will be a good idea to mark your physical location on the globe using Google Maps, as well. By signing up to Google Map’s Google Places, the application will direct potential customers in your area to your brick-and-mortar establishment, particularly if you embed your Google Places direction in your website.

Third, get listed in local directories. This will help the search engines find you more quickly from the local search marketing information you have previously provided using SEO techniques and Google Places.

So You Want to Make Money Network Marketing?

You want a home based business? Maybe some time freedom? The advantages are fantastic. We all know direct sales has sound regulation and has come of age – allowing people from all walks of life to make money network marketing. We also know that the problems that plagued this type of business in the past have been significantly eradicated by the sound regulation. Schemes have taken advantage of people in the past and some even exist today, however knowing what is a genuine opportunity from the schemes is essential to make money network marketing.

The advantages of network marketing are vast, and if you are not sure about these ill state a few. It is one of the only ways to operate a home based business with low cost, low risk yet have the same earning potential (if not more) than a regular business model. If you choose the right company you also get access to the best training and tools at little or no cost and the best leaders already successful in the business who MUST help you for them to continue to be successful.

Experts like Robert Kiyosaki who are leaders in the business world endorse this opportunity to make money network marketing, realising it is the modern and futuristic way to build a solid home based business and truly create wealth. If you are interested in this business model or know a few things about it, you have probably heard many experts like Robert Kiyosaki state that to choose to make money network marketing is wise.

Researching how to make money network marketing is essential, there are great companies out there that genuinely use direct selling as a way to distribute their products, rather than sell through multiple supply chains at store level. The negative stigma mentioned above still exists to this day, however most people now realise companies with high quality products cannot compete with selling at a store front hence cut out the middle men and sell directly to the customer. The result is a business model, helping people make money network marketing.

If you have not heard much about this way of distribution then never fear, I have created a report that helps you get a little more information and also helping you in choosing the right company. I owe a lot to this type of business and what it has done for me, so I am happy to share the opportunity. It’s what helps us create and share wealth… both financially and in knowledge. Even if you have heard about this business model before, you should still check it out, because knowing the right company to choose or how to choose may still be difficult.

Using Social Media for Website Marketing Strategies

Social media is a great resource to use in nearly all website marketing strategies. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s a fun way to reach your audience. There are so many benefits to web 2.0 marketing, not the least of which is that you don’t have to worry as much about making search engine rankings.

Social Media for Social Interactions

One of the greatest things about social media is that it puts a personal face on you, the business person. All too often, people think of business owners as being “not real people,” and you can display this side of yourself through social websites. Of course, as with anything on the Internet, you’ll want to keep your reputation in mind with every status update.

It’s perfectly fine to occasionally mention how run down the hotel in which you are staying is, but don’t make complaining a habit. You should keep your content mostly focused on your work, although it’s always nice to throw in a bit here and there about how great your family’s vacation in Florida went. Above all, avoid religion and politics. Pursuing these subjects will inevitably cost you business.

Online Internet Marketing Strategies Using Social Media

For Online Internet Marketing strategies, using social media means walking a fine line between being a “legitimate” business and being spammer. Social marketing requires walking that line – you have to promote your business, but you don’t want your status updates to be completely single minded.

Unfortunately, there’s no sure way to predict when or if you’re going to be labeled as a spammer. Many people don’t know the difference between spamming and regular advertising. You can, however, observe some updating strategies that will make it be less likely.

As mentioned before, don’t make all status updates link back to your site. That is the very definition of spamming. Instead, make observations about your niche, post your favorite inspirational quotes, and maybe throw in an occasional “just for fun” link. You can also link to the blog on your website to get people there without raising too many spam hackles.

Cyber Marketing Strategies and Social Media

There are two major benefits of using social media in cyber marketing strategies. First of all, you can use it to build relationships with your potential and current clients and direct them to your site. You can also, if you’re using the right social communities, build backlinks to your website through them.

Some of the major social community websites use a “no-follow” tag with the hyperlinks on their site. What this ultimately means is that they’ve disabled the ability for websites to increase their search engine rankings by linking to them from the social sites. These websites, Facebook and Twitter especially, are mainly useful for directing tons of traffic.

There are other social websites, such as Digg and StumbleUpon, that don’t use “no-follow” tags. These are the ones that you can use for backlinks. They can also be used to direct traffic to your site, but they’re not as beneficial as the more popular social sites.

Designing Marketing Collateral Material for the Real Decision Maker

Do you know who really makes the final decision to purchase your products or services? It is often not the person that you are led to believe is the buyer. Many sales people are even told by the buyer that it is their decision, but like a banker, they have buying limitations or must always get ‘final’ approval.

Generally, most ‘real’ Decision Makers (DM) almost never meet with sales people and is typically more mature than the people who do the leg work in purchasing. They have worked up the ladder and can be 40 or 50+. And, it is because of these ‘more mature’ DM’s that your efforts will more than pay for itself in increased response when designing marketing and collateral material targeted to that group.

Generation Y may be captivated by mobile marketing but those who control their purse strings remain responsive to traditional direct marketing channels including TV, radio, print, direct mail and print collateral material.

And when designing other than traditional direct marketing, keep in mind that 80% of these same DM’s do use search engines and visit websites to research companies and products. Almost 90% of senior DM’s watch TV almost every day, a higher percentage than any other age group. Only 5% use IM and 87% prefer e-mail as their primary means of communication online (source: DM News, 10/27/08).

DM’s also blog and regularly visit networking sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. They are not likely however to have an account or visit Facebook like Gen Y. The DM’s in this group typically read, listen, and respond to traditional marketing programs.

5 Marketing Tips to consider for the real DM:

1. Identify what irritates (problem) your DM market segment, empathize and bond on an emotional level (solution) with your DM prospect.
2. Financial marketing material, i.e. investing in your product or service, aimed at this DM should offer a less than average risk / reward ratio.
3. You also have this DM’s attention when you highlight money savings and special offers.
4. From one DM to another; when you promote through a sales letter, the person who signs it should be a DM or higher.
5. Don’t rely on the strength of your brand to make the sale; offer DM’s facts, statistics, testimonials, etc. that prove your benefits.

The design and layout itself should maximize the contrast between the font and the background, because it makes it easier to distinguish an image. This is especially true for the contrast in color between text and paper. Use a serif type font, avoiding font sizes

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