Reasons To Swap Your UTE For A Light-Duty Truck

UTEs are not designed to carry heavy loads, so they often burn out quickly

UTEs, or utility task vehicles, are not designed to carry heavy loads. For this reason, they often burn out quickly when used for work around the home or office. Because of their size and design, UTEs also tend to ride rougher than light-duty trucks. Their narrow wheelbase makes them susceptible to tipping over on uneven roads with tight turns.

Many truckers find that owning a UTE may not really be worth the hassle. Even though they are easier to maintain than larger trucks, their small size makes them harder to work on when repairs need to be made. On top of this, UTEs also tend to get very poor fuel economy because of their relatively low horsepower and have higher maintenance costs due to less common components.

In comparison, light-duty trucks offer many benefits over a UTE for those who drive commercially or own one as a hobby. For instance, drivers may find that switching from a UTE to a light-duty truck will save money in the long run by decreasing expenses related with maintaining and repairing. They can carry heavy loads easily while still delivering great fuel efficiency thanks to more advanced technology such as turbo chargers. Additionally, light-duty trucks are generally safer for both the driver and other motorists due to their greater stability on roads, better visibility, stronger frame design, etc. One other thing to remember though is that before you can start driving a truck, you will need to get the required license, after following a course such as light rigid license training in Melbourne.

Light-duty trucks can handle more weight and stress than a UTE

Light-duty trucks are designed and built to handle bigger weights and stresses than a utility task vehicle. This is because they are made from stronger materials and have been designed with greater stability in mind. Light-duty trucks are generally safer for both the driver and other motorists due to their greater stability on roads, better visibility, stronger frame design, etc.

Heavy duty trucks have a higher resale value because they’re more durable

The resale value of light or heavy-duty trucks is greater than that of a UTE because they are more durable and reliable. Heavy-duty trucks have a higher resale value because they’re made to handle heavy loads and drive up and down the road on difficult terrains while still remaining dependable. This is not something you can expect from your standard, every day vehicle which would be considered a utility truck or “UTE”.

UTEs are more expensive to buy, maintain and insure

A UTE can cost far more to buy than a light-duty truck, and the additional maintenance costs make the price even greater.

Insurance costs will be much higher when looking at a UTE because they are generally driven further, more often and over difficult terrain requiring the need of additional safety features. A light duty truck can cost far less to buy than a UTE as well as require fewer maintenance services which ultimately lowers insurance rates.

With the introduction of new emission standards, light duty trucks will be much cleaner than they were before

These days there is a lot of emphasis on reducing one’s carbon footprint and in this sense the lighter the vehicle the better. This is because a heavy truck, no matter how new or clean it may be, will always have more of an impact on the environment than a smaller one because of the size and weight difference.

When considering a light-duty truck versus a UTE, the cost difference is not always going to be apparent. That is why it is important to do your homework before making a purchase decision. Don’t forget that before starting to drive a heavy vehicle, you will also need to spend on getting a license and follow a recognised course in heavy vehicle training in Melbourne, which may not be really required for a UTE. If you need help deciding which vehicle will work best for your needs and keep you on budget while also providing all of the benefits it is best to speak to a professional company and get their advice first. A reputed company will be able to help you out with deciding on what is best suitable for you.

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